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Harp is easy to learn online. Holding the harp, tuning it, hand and body position, and basic techniques are easily modeled and absorbed using Zoom, which is free on any Internet connection. We start without reading music, and then can progress with reading or not, as you choose. Dave will help you rent or buy a harp, and get you playing — you’ll know several tunes in two or three weeks. 


I have over 30 years of experience in teaching harp. I have also studied harp online (Burmese harp, Japanese harp), so I am aware of the prospects of online harp lessons. I teach beginners without using written music, and you can make a video record of your lesson for reference. Eventually, one usually learns to read music, although it is possible to continue on an unwritten track. If you can read music, but are a beginning harp player, I still start without reference to written music, but we can transition fairly soon to using music.

What you will need:

  • a harp;
  • a computer or smart device with Internet connection with an attached camera, speakers on;
  • Skype or Zoom conferencing software;
  • tuner (Snark, for example);
  • tuning key for the harp.

It’s also a good idea to have a floor lamp to adjust for lighting. If you are using a phone, a phone tripod is extremely helpful and can attach to your floor lamp.

The following firms have harp rental programs, and some have rent-to-own programs:

  • The Harp Connection;
  • Lyon-Healy;
  • Harps International;
  • Virginia Harp Center.

First lesson: be patient; first we must establish a Skype connection, and then position your device so that the camera faces the left side of the harp, and that we can see each other.

Pricing: Half-hour, $30 (4 in advance for $110)

Full hour, $55 (4 in advance for $200)

Lessons must be paid for in advance through my PayPal account. I will promptly send a receipt.

Scheduling: I suggest starting with a half-hour lesson. Each lesson is at a particular time, with a ten-minute buffer between slots.

Cancellation and Rescheduling: Please give a 24-hour advance notice if you need to cancel a lesson, by phone and/or email (no texting, please). If I need to cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours notice, the next lesson is half price. It is hard to reschedule (I do workshops and educational outreach), but I will try to accommodate. If a paid lesson cannot be rescheduled within the same week, an extension will be given and that lesson will be added to the end of the paid block of lessons.

Dave Shaul loves the harp and loves to share it with others. He is well versed in music of many different styles and periods and his teaching style includes patience and a great sense of humor. His love of harp music and depth of knowledge make it a joy to learn from him.

– Mayre Burnside, student
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